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Deposit Bonus!
Published on 08-11-2021


Dear Members.


Do not miss this opportunity!


Anyone who deposits $20 will be given a free SILVER membership

Anyone who deposits $40 will be given a free GOLD membership



NOTE : This discount is only available for the first deposit


***** This award is active until the date 8 of December, 2021. Don't sleep! *****


All The Best,

Dream-Clicks Admin

Deposit Bonus!
Published on 17-10-2021

Dream Members,

This is details of Deposit Bonus:


Deposit: $5-20 and get 5% bonus.

Deposit: $50-100 and get 10% bonus.

Deposit: $120-180 and get 15% bonus.

Deposit: $200-280 and get 20% bonus.


The Promo validation from today until 24 of October, 2021. Don't sleep!


NOTE : Remember that this bonus is only for adding funds to your purchase balance.



All The Best,

Dream-Clicks Admin.

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